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Hi, I'm Koby Pearson – a DevOps Engineer at present, a scammed guy in the past. A few years ago, I entrusted all my savings to a fraudster, believing that I would profit twice as much. But in the end, he disappeared, and I lost all my money.

That was a terrible experience, but I didn't give up. I studied tons of material and talked to many people who got into the same situations. We united altogether and decided to create a website to share experience and knowledge with other people so that they can protect themselves and their savings from scammers.

Although I'm from Scotland, my teammates live in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. So, we can share tips and tricks against Internet financial fraud from all the corners of the world.

We don't do any advertisement here or black PR. All the stories we publish are from real people. If you want to share your personal experience with us, check out the "Join Us" tab.

No advertisement here. No black PR.

If you have a personal story, share it with us, and let us tell it to the whole world!

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