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Online scams have spread all over the Internet, and thousands of people get scammed everyday. On this website, we want people to share their stories to help others avoid getting into the same traps.

If you have ever lost money online, got your social profile stolen, installed software that in the end happened to be fake, or anything else, send us an email with the subject "My scam story" on contact@fraud-hunter.com

We kindly ask you to check out the rules you need to follow in your articles:

  • the minimum text volume is 4500 symbols;
  • if your story contains any links, make sure they are active;
  • your story must be related to the topic, or it won't be published;
  • we don't advertise anything;
  • we don't pay royalties to authors.

If you sent your story and didn't get a reply within a week, try sending us an email once more. If you don't get a response again, your story probably doesn't meet our requirements.

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